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Practice Areas

Contract Drafting

Vast expertise and experience in business contract drafting. We understand that a straight-forward and well-drafted contract will:

  • Support your business growth.
  • Strengthen your commercial relationships with your customers and suppliers.
  • Reduce legal and commercial risks.
  • Protect your business, brand and assets.
  • Assist you in the operation of your business.

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Contract Management

We can develop new processes and map your existing processes to support your contracts. Our process maps include detailed guidance for your internal teams to implement your processes efficiently.

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Structuring and Negotiation

We support you negotiating contracts, partnerships and alliances. We provide strategic business counseling and advice for more than twenty years to all size companies, from start-ups to publicly traded companies.

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International Legal Advisor

Renata Dall'Acqua Ferreira

Strategic Business Development

Think Abroad

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Cross-border Transactions and Contract Management

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